Lodge History

Minutes of 100 Years Ago

September 1914

An Extract of the minutes of the meeting held 100 years ago is read out in Lodge at every meeting. You can read them at your leisure here:



PRESENT WERE:     13 officers including W/Bro. W.H. Blackaby, W.M.

 MEMBERS:                 10


The lodge was opened in due form after solemn prayer at 6.45 p.m.

The minutes of the last regular meeting were read and confirmed by the Brethren present.

A report was then received from the reference committee stating that the Frimley Urban District Council had decided that the Municipal Chamber and Committee Room be not let for any purpose necessitating the removal of the furniture. As it is impossible to hold a lodge meeting without removing the tables the committee recommended that arrangements be made to hold the meeting at the Central Hall, Camberley.

After a lengthy discussion it was proposed by W.Bro. T. Tew, seconded by Bro. G.H. Richardson J.W. that the Council be asked to allow the tables to be removed to the side of the room, and in the event of this being refused the W.M. and Secretary be empowered to arrange for the place of meeting to be altered to The Central Hall, Camberley.

On the motion being put to the lodge, 26 members voted for, 1 neutral and none against.

The W.M. then declared the resolution carried.

A recommendation from the Reference Committee was then brought up:-   That a sum of Five Guineas be contributed to the Prince of Wales War Relief Fund. W.Bro. Tew proposed and Bro. T. Turner seconded, that this BE NOT APPROVED by the lodge.   ( Carried )

A letter was then read from Prov. Grand Lodge asking for the support of the lodge to the Province of Surrey War Relief Fund.

After a very lengthy discussion the following resolution was proposed by W. Bro. Twort and seconded by W. Bro. J. Ellis :- that a sum of Ten Guineas be contributed from the lodge Benevolent Fund to the Province of Surrey War Relief Fund – and on being put to the lodge was carried.

A ballot was next taken for Mr. William James Simmonds and Mr. Jonathon Corbett, who had been regularly proposed and seconded as fit and proper persons to become Freemasons, and at the conclusion of the ballot it was found to be unanimous in their favour.

Mr. William James Simmonds was then introduced to the lodge as a candidate properly prepared to be made a Mason and was then duly initiated into the Ancient Mysteries and Privileges of Freemasonry. The ceremony being ably rendered by the W.M. ( W. Bro. Blackaby W.M. ) The newly made brother then received the charge of this degree rendered in an impressive manner by Bro. G.H. Richardson. J.W.

Bro. W.W. Bartlett was then presented with his Grand Lodge Certificate.

Apologies for non-attendance were received from Bros. Watts, Lunn and Bro. J. Way, J.D.

Nothing further offered for the good of freemasonry in general or this Albert Edward Lodge in particular, it was closed in perfect harmony at 8.15 p.m.