Albert Edward Lodge of Instruction

Albert Edward Lodge of Instruction

The Albert Edward Lodge of Instruction (LOI) meets at 7.30 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. While all Lodges of Instruction must be affiliated to a particular Lodge, the Albert Edward Lodge of Instruction is a “Centre LOI”, meaning that it is open to all masons from their initiation onwards, irrespective of their particular Lodge or workings. 

The LOI takes place in a friendly and supportive environment and the Preceptors are well aware of the increasing pressures on those still working. Each evening is tailored to the specific needs of those attending, with the agenda being set at the end of the previous meeting. We don’t usually treat LOI as a rehearsal, although that occasionally happens if it so suits a particular member. Anyone who attends regularly will at some time find themselves occupying all of the different offices. They will certainly have had the experience of conducting ceremonies from the chair on a number of occasions before they become W.M.

If you think we could be of benefit to you on your progress to the chair, to practice a particular piece of work, or even to increase your awareness of Lodge procedure, please get in touch. All we ask is that you contact the Lodge of Instruction Preceptor below, before your first visit, so that we know to expect you.

Forthcoming LOI Dates

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