Aprons & Collars

Every Freemason wears an apron, it shows at a glance which stage they are at in their Masonic journey, and, if recognised within the Provincial or Grand Lodge, what rank they hold.

Craft Masonic Aprons

Entered Apprentice

1st Degree

Fellow Craft

2nd Degree

Master Mason

3rd Degree

Worshipful Master

& Past Master

Provincial Grand Lodge Masonic Aprons

Provincial Officer

Dress Apron

Provincial Officer

Undress Apron

Provincial Steward

Provincial Officer

(Undress Master Mason)

Grand Lodge Masonic Aprons

Grand Officer

Dress Apron

Grand Officer

Undress Apron

Provincial Grand Master

Masonic Collars

Craft Collar

Past Master / Officer

Provincial Collar


Grand Lodge Collar

Provincial Grand Master Collar

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