Lodge History 1877 – 1977

Notable First Events

  • The first meeting of the Lodge after the consecration was on October 17th, 1877 at The Duke of York Hotel.
  • This was an emergency meeting (we will see that emergency meetings seemed to be called for all sorts of reasons, depending on what business was deemed necessary and seemingly without any dispensation from Provincial Grand Lodge) attended by 15 members and 3 Visitors.
  • A ballot took place for 8 initiates, all unanimous and 4 being present were initiated and the first degree tracing board explained by W.Bro. Samuel Gerrard Kirchhoffer, P.M., P.P.G.J.w., Cambridge.
  • A regular Lodge meeting was held at the Duke of York Hotel on October 31st, 1877 when the first Bye Laws were read and approved and the Provincial Grand Secretary was requested to authorise their publication. At this meeting there were 3 joining members proposed, seconded and presumably balloted, also the first committee of reference was appointed. Brother J. H. Martin was appointed First Almoner.
  • The first unsuccessful ballot for a candidate occurred on November 28th, 1877.
  • The first passing ceremonies took place at this meeting, six Candidates, two ceremonies each of 3 candi dates.
  • The first suggestion of a Lodge of Instruction was mooted and it was decided to hold a meeting each 3rd Wednesday in every month.
  • Emergency meeting January 9th, 1878, SIX members examined for raising. two ceremonies, one with 2 Candidates and then FOUR Candidates. Brother John Olds explained the 3rd degree tracing board.
  • The Lodge Bye Laws were returned by the Provincial Grand Secretary approved and it was decided to print 100 copies.
  • The minutes of this meeting has a letter appended from the Provincial Grand Master, Lieut. General John Studholme Brownrigg C.B.: “I hereby sanction and permit the Brethren to appear in Masonic clothing at the Ball to be given by the members of Albert Edward Lodge at the Duke of York Hotel on Friday, 25th January, 1878”.
  • Brother T. J. Pulley (founder member) offered to etand as a Steward to the Boys’ School. Brother Freeman offered to stand as a Steward to the Girls’ School, also head the list with a 10 Guinea donation (quite a lot of money at that time).
  • January 30th, 1878, W.Bra. Kirchhoffer explained both the First Degree and Second Degree Tracing Board and for the first time the Lodge was opened and closed in 3 Degrees.
  • June 26th, 1878, the W.M. directed that the brethren should draw lots for the first Life Subscriptionship to Masonic Institutions and this fell to Bro. Herbert Savage, one of the first initiates.
  • July 31st, 1878, W.Bro. Henry Hacker reported he had hoped to attend Provincial Grand Lodge, but the night before, playing cricket, he sprained his ankle and therefore he had asked Bro. William J. Lendrirn, J.W. to report to the Lodge. This Brother Lendrim did to the best of his ability, not having taken any notes.
  • The Provincial Grand Master had not heard a good account of the workings of some of the Lodges. Brother Lendrim continued and observed that it appeared to be the custom of Provincial Grand Lodge to appoint Provincial Grand Lodge Officers from the oldest Lodges
    in the Province. Why not the youngest Lodges; if these Lodges were well conducted.
  • It appears that this suggestion was instantly acted upon by General Brownrigg, as he immediately appointed Bro. Lendrim to the office of Provincial Grand Steward.
  • It was obvious to the P.G.M. that Bro. Bill Lendrim’s bravery must again be rewarded, so it was with Provincvial Grand Lodge honours; or otherwise it would have to be a bar to his V.C.
  • Bro. G. H. Martin supported Bro. Lendrirn’s statement and felt that AlbertEdward Lodge had been favourably reported on.
  • Bro. Pulley reported that he had attended the meeting of The Masonic Institution for Boys and had donated the sum of £24. 15. Od. (far from being the lowest amount), a very good sum considering the small number of members.
  • W.Bro. Hacker said that it was a great honour for so young a Lodge to receive Provincial Honours and he thought it was because of its high efficiency.
  • Bro. T. J. Pulley presented Bro. S. Rowe as the first organist of the Lodge. (Bro. Rowe had been initiated, passed and raised at successive meetings).
  • August 21st, 1878: A Grand Lodge Certificate was presented by W.Bro. Hacker to Bra. E. Thowless, one of the founder members, the first such ceremony.
  • On October 30th, 1878 the Lodge had its first ballot for the W.M., Treasurer and Tyler. The votes cast for W.M. were: 13 votes for Bro. J. Mount, one vote for Bro. W. Lendrim and one blank. Votes for the Treasurer were: 17 for Bra. E. Nichols and one vote for Bro. H. Ferguson, and for the Tyler, Bro I. Payne, carried.
  • On November 17ili, 1878 the first installation was performed by an installing master of the Lodge, W.Bro. Hacker installing Bro. J. Mount.
  • February 28th, 1880, H.R.H. Arthur Duke of Connaught, K.G., was unanimousy elected as the first honorary member of the Lodge.
  • June 29th, 1881 the first amendment to Bye Laws, Bye Law 1 to include “except for the months of June, July and August”. Carried by 9 votes to 4.
  • May 27th, 1885 the first petition to Grand Lodge of Benevolence on behalf of the widow of the late Bro. Thatcher.
  • January 30th, 1889 for the first time, the age of Candidates was mentioned.
  • April 30th, 1890 the Lodge Benevolent Fund was formed.
  • May 28th, 1890 the Rules of The Albert Edward Benevolent Fund carried unanimously.
  • May 27th, 1891. A Post Office Savings Account was opened in the name of 3 members.
  • January 25th, 1893. First Charity Representative elected: W.Bro. S. Rowe.
  • March 26th, 1913. W.Bro. W. H. Twort presented with Grand Ledge Honours. A.G.D.C.
  • January 31st, 1917. First mention in the minutes of S.W., J.W. and I.G., being replaced during installation ceremony. Also first mention of candidates being interviewed by reference committee.
  • December 29th, 1930. Ladies’ Festival Account opened.

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