Lodge History

Minutes of 100 Years Ago

December 1915

An Extract of the minutes of the meeting held 100 years ago is read out in Lodge at every meeting. You can read them at your leisure here:





PRESENT WERE:                       10 Officers ( including W/M W/Bro. J.J. Appleton )

MEMBERS:                                13

VISITORS:                                   2


The Lodge was opened in due form after solemn prayer at 5.20 p.m.

The minutes of the last regular meeting were read and confirmed by the Brethren present.

A ballot was next taken for Mr. John William Todd who had been regularly proposed and seconded as a fit and proper person to become a Freemason and at its conclusion it was found unanimous in his favour.   W/Bro. W.H. Blackaby I.P.M. assumed the gavil.   Mr. John William Todd was then introduced to the Lodge as a candidate properly prepared to be made a Mason and was duly initiated into the Ancient Mysteries & Privileges of Freemasonry.   The ceremony of initiation being very impeccably rendered by W/Bro. W.H. Blackaby. The charge of this degree was ably rendered by Bro. R. King J.W.

The Lodge was then opened in the second degree.   Bro. Henry Richard Gibbs was called to the pedestal and after having given proof of the progress he had made in the Science was entrusted with the P.G. & P.W leading from the second to the third degree. He then retired to be prepared for the ceremony of raising. The Lodge was then opened in the third degree. The W.M. J.J. Appleton then re-assumed the gavil.

Bro. Henry Richard Gibbs was then re-admitted, properly prepared and raised to the sublime degree of a M.M.   The ceremony of raising being ably rendered by the W.M.

The Lodge was next lowered to the first degree.   A ballot was then taken for W.M. for the ensuing year and at its conclusion it was found to be unanimous in favour of Bro. G. Richardson. S.W.   Bro. Richardson thanked the Brethren for the honour and confidence thus conferred.

The Lodge proceeded to elect a treasurer for the ensuing year and on the proposition of W.Bro. Blackaby, seconded by Bro. Richardson S.W. , W.Bro. W.H. Twort P.M. was unanimously elected as treasurer.

Bro. R. King J.W. proposed that Bro. C. Parrant be elected Tyler for the ensuing year, seconded by Bro. T. Goddard.   This on being put to the Lodge was carried unanimously.

The following notice of motion, of which due notice had been given , was then proposed by W.Bro. Dr. Twort, seconded by W.Bro. A. Kennett, that a Past Masters Jewel of the usual pattern and cost, be presented to W.Bro. J.J. Appleton W.M. to mark a most successful year of office.   This on being put to the Lodge was carried unanimously.

The following candidate was then proposed as a fit & proper person to become a Freemason.   Mr. Thomas John Ley , aged 50, Masseur, Oakdene, Frimley Road, Camberley, Proposed by W.Bro. Twort , seconded by Bro. R. King.

Letters were read from Grand Lodge and Provincial Lodge referring to the appointment of the V.W. Bro. Rev. H.W. Turner, past Grand Chaplain, to be Provincial Grand Master of Surrey.

Nothing further being offered for the good of Freemasonry in general or this Lodge in particular it was closed in perfect harmony at 8.20 p.m.