Lodge History 1877 – 1977

General Interesting Information 1928 – 1952

Further presentations were made to the Lodge, Bro. C. S. Buckingham gave 2 volumes of The History of Freemasonry. Colonel Hamilton presented the Lodge with a unique Hogarth Print.

At this time we removed to our new home at The Agincourt Hall, the details of this business is recorded elsewhere.

Two interesting events to celebrate: W.Bro. Twort as Treasurer and 48 years a member, an illuminated address being presented and Charles Parrant, Tyler on his 90th birthday, being presented with a wallet containing £10.

Our donation of 100 Guineas to the Royal Masonic Hospital qualified the Lodge to be given a Founding Lodge Certificate.

It is probable that 1932 – 1934 saw the Lodge at its zenith with 171 plus members.

In 1933 a Building Fund was formed and it was resolved that 2 Trustees from the Lodge should serve on the Board of Agincourt Hall Ltd.

With the Lodge reaching such numbers it is not surprising that a petition for a new Lodge should be presented. This petition was defeated.

In 1937 the month of May was deleted from the bye laws and this has, continued for the past 40 years.

The rurnblings of war were heard and the second world war came in September, 1939

A slight interruption in’ meetings occurred and various new meeting places had to be used. The authority was given not to wear gloves and installations were transferred from the month of January to April and it was Bro. Arthur Coventry who started this new procedure in 1942.

R. King, Tyler, was presented with 20 Guineas in recognition of his 14 years service. Border Lodge recognised his magnificent 50 years service as their Tyler.

Probably one of the most successful and interesting periods was the Mastership of W.Bro. Richard White, 1944 – 1945. At his installation the P.G.M. Lt Col. Harry Mann opened the Lodge. Important guests included A.P.G.M. of Hampshire, Dr. Wilfred Attenborough. The address to the W.M. was given by his father, W.Bro. Percy White. Among the members of the Lodge, Bro. F. W. Inwood, included his 3 sons-in-law, Bros. 1. G. Sheppard; W. J. Edwards and G. A. Gough.

Bro. Inwood enjoyed another distinction at this time with W.Bro. W. E. Matthews and W.Bro. J. J. Appleton: they all celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversaries.

Further, to recognise Bill Matthews’ dedicated service as Secretary, a wallet containing cheques to the value of £60 was presented to him from the Lodge by the W.M. All three were presented with a pair of silver dessert bowls.

All of these happenings occurred during severe war time conditions and restrictions.

Having described briefly some happy times. inevitably there are sad occasions. In April 1946 Bro. I. G. Sheppard was installed after the Lodge again being opened by the P.G.M. Over 60 installed Masters were present. W.Bro. Sheppard, owing to ill health, did not attend the Lodge again. His duties were carried out mainly by the I.P.M. W.Bro. J. L. Knight, assisted by several past masters. The death of W.Bro. Ivor Sheppard and W.Bro. Ivor Cousins were recorded in December, 1947.

Adverse weather conditions in January 1947 prevented the representative of P.G.L. from attending. However the war was over and again expansion of the Lodge resumed. Albert Edward Lodge of Instruction re-commenced. Meetings and new bye laws were created. Many new members, respected past masters now, were initiated at this time. The P.G.M. continued his personal visits.

In 1950 that grand old character Herbert King, became secretary, succeeding W. E. Matthews, who had served 35 plus years. During the ensuing years, Lodge activities were mundane and simple, but ceremonies continued and W.Bro. S. R. Hawkins had the pleasure of initiating his brother Tom.