Officers Jewels

Every officer in the lodge is invested with a collar and jewel by the incoming Worshipful Master during his installation ceremony. The collar is light blue, the colour of craft masonry, the “light blues”, to which is appended the jewel of the office.

Below you will see all the Officers Jewels in order of “seniority” – with the exception of the Past Master who is not strictly an officer of the Lodge, and his jewel is the only jewel that is worn as a matter of right, all other officers are either elected by the Lodge members or appointed by the Worshipful Master.

Worshipful Master

The Square. The highest honour a Lodge can confer on any of its members.

Past  Master

The only Jewel that is worn as a matter of “right”.

Senior Warden

The Level

Junior Warden

The Plumb Rule.


A book on a triangle surmounting a glory.


A Key. The Treasurer and Master are the two Lodge Officers that must be elected according to the Book of Constitutions


Two pens in saltire

Director of Ceremonies

Two rods in saltire.


A scrip-purse, upon which is a heart.

Charity Steward

A Trowel.


Two chisels in saltire.

Senior Deacon

Dove and olive branch.

Junior Deacon

Dove and olive branch.

Assistant D. of C.

Two rods in saltire surmounted by a bar bearing the word ‘Assistant’.


A lyre

Assistant Secretary

Two pens in saltire, surmounted by a bar bearing the word ‘Assistant’.

Inner Guard

Two swords in saltire


A cornucopia between the legs of a pair of compasses extended.


A sword